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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy birthday, Lainey

May 19 was Lainey's 3rd birthday.  We went to the cemetery to release pink balloons, as has become our tradition.  Happy birthday, Lainey Grace.

Owen Michael

 Owen Michael was born May 12, 2014.  He weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces.
 Ryan wasn't quite sure what to think of Owen.  He wasn't too impressed at first.
 He has a full head of fuzzy hair.
Ryan decided he likes Owen.  He kisses him a lot and shares his toys with him.  He's a good big brother!

Such a Fun Family Tradition

 Okay, so my title was a little sarcastic.  This has become something we do regularly, but it's really not all that much fun.  We farm some ground over in Jasper County that has a lot of rocks.  They manage to work themselves to the surface, and we have to pick them up so they don't damage the equipment.
 We cover the field like a grid and load rocks in the bed of the Ranger and the loader bucket of the Puma tractor.
 I don't know how many loader buckets full we picked up.
 Laura, Nanna, & Heather on the job.
 Laura & Nanna
 Laura got "promoted" to Ranger driver after her finger lost the battle with a spade.  We made a trip to Lafayette to the urgent care for 5 stitches.  When we got back to the field, Laura stayed behind the wheel of the Ranger.
Laura's finger is all healed now, and she is doing just fine.  When we were finished with the field, Dad took us out to Dairy Queen for supper and blizzards.

Easter Sunday, 2014

As we were getting ready for church on Easter morning, we heard a knock at the door.  Since most of us weren't dressed, everyone began scurrying around to get their clothes on before someone opened the door.  Once we finally opened the door, there was nobody there!  Just this note that said, "You have been egged!"  Once the girls figured out what was going on, they came pouring out of the door, squealing.
 They started running through the yard hunting eggs whether they were in their pajamas or their church clothes.
 My uncle had dropped my aunt off on the road.  She had ducked under the windows and run through the yard strewing eggs all over.
 She had knocked and took off running to the "get away car."  I don't know who had more fun…the girls hunting for eggs filled with money, candy, and prizes or my aunt and uncle.

 Krissy with Ryan after church
 Ryan at the starting line for the egg hunt
 He really enjoyed filling his bucket with eggs.
Nanna with her eggs

Friday, March 28, 2014

Leah is 9!!

 Leah turned 9 on Wednesday, March 26.  Ryan helped Leah blow out her candles.  She asked for strombolis and chocolate lasagna for her birthday supper.
 Opening her gifts
 Ryan & Grady had to get in on the action.  They like to open presents.
Erin curled & styled Leah's hair and painted her finger nails for her birthday.

Red Back Hymnal Sing

Gary & I went to Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday for the Harmony Honors Red Back Hymnal Sing. Many of the Southern Gospel groups gathered to honor the old red back church hymnal.  They formed a choir and sang many of the old hymns together.  Each of the groups also sang one of the hymns.
 The "Choir"
 The Whisnants
 The auditorium was beautiful!
 The Mark Trammell Quartet
 Tribute Quartet
 Former Attorney General John Ashcroft (Attorney General under George W. Bush) is committed to preserving the old hymns.  He was a dynamic speaker!  Thoroughly enjoyed him!!  I would have never  guessed he was a politician!!!  :)
 The Mylon Hayes Family
 Jeff & Sheri Easter
 The Nelons
 The Bowling Family
The Perrys

We had such a good time that evening singing along with all the old hymns.  They filmed this for television.  I believe it will be aired on April 7 on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).  Maybe we'll be famous!  We were sitting in the front row.  Watch for us!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Meet Kaylie Grace...

Autumn's water broke at 2 a.m. Saturday morning, but no contractions followed.  We all waited on pins and needles…and waited…and waited….but no contractions.  The midwife told her to try castor oil on Sunday morning.  By 2:00 that afternoon, contractions were getting stronger and more regular.  I guess that nasty castor oil was worth it!  At 7:36 Sunday evening, Kaylie Grace entered the world.  She weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. and measured 19 inches long.  Labor and delivery went well.  Kaylie is just the sweetest little thing.  So tiny!!
 Kaylie shortly after birth
 Heather meets Kaylie
 Nanna meets Kaylie
 Kara meets Kaylie
 Laura meets Kaylie
 Meagan & Ryan meet Kaylie
 Leah meets Kaylie
 Erin meets Kaylie
 Pop meets Kaylie
 Pop with his grandkids-- Grady & Kaylie (Autumn's) on his lap & Ryan (Krissy's) standing
 Krissy meets Kaylie
Kaylie on Tuesday.