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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Teenager in the House

Erin turned 13 on Monday, January 9th. She made her own cake with ice cream sandwiches, chocolate pudding, oreos, and coolwhip. Mmm-mmm good!

Erin has become a big help to Mom since her 3 older sisters are gone most of the time. She babysits, cleans, helps teach the younger ones, cooks supper sometimes, and bakes some awesome bread! She has just taken up the hobby of crocheting. She made the cutest hat for her nephew when he arrives. Erin is looking forward to going shopping with her Grandma & Grandpa Sanders this Saturday. They take each of their granddaughters shopping on their 13th birthday & buy them a new dress and take them out for lunch at the restaurant of their choice. Happy birthday, Erin!!

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