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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our latest life-changing event...


5 lbs. 12 oz., 20 inches long

Born Friday, March 2, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.

And now we become Gammy & Pop to this precious little boy, our first grandchild.

Krissy has been dealing with very high blood pressure and a lot of swelling. They've been monitoring Ryan very closely for the past couple of weeks. Krissy's doctor decided it was the optimum time to relieve the danger to Krissy's health and have the least risk to Ryan's health. She went in to start the induction Wednesday afternoon at 4:00. She spent many hours of pain and misery, and still was no closer to delivery Friday afternoon than she had been Thursday night. She didn't progress more than 3 cm. When Ryan's heart rate dropped Friday afternoon, they whisked her away for an emergency c-section.

Ryan has had his own set of troubles. At his initial exam after birth, they discovered a hard spot in his testicle. They immediately called in the ultrasound people. The urologist came to see us later. Ryan has testicular torsion, meaning the vessels in his left testicle are twisted. At first they took him away to NICU to prepare for surgery to try to save the testicle. After they read the ultrasound, the doctor said it was already dying & wasn't able to be saved. The doctor said he preferred to wait until Ryan was about a month old to do the surgery to remove the testicle.

Today they did two hearing tests on Ryan. His left ear failed the test both times. They want to send him somewhere else in about two weeks to do the test again. They said a lot of times babies that fail the test the first time will pass when they go on to this more specialized test.

So it's been a long week with many ups and downs. We appreciate your prayers for both Ryan & Krissy. As long as they both continue to do as well as they have today, they will come home Sunday evening to a house full of doting aunts!


  1. Congratulations Gammy! Your grandson looks very cute! I will pray for him and your Krissy.

  2. Karen,

    I do those hearing tests and we refer many babies for further testing. They have to follow up with audiology for a hearing test. It is very rare for the follow up to show hearing issues. One of the pediatricians commented a few months ago that he has seen hundreds of babies since they started doing this test and has never had one that failed the test have hearing issues, so it is likely that there is just fluid in his ears following delivery and that will mess up the test. He is a beautiful baby boy. Enjoy. I was at Regional last weekend and Shelli told me to tell you hello.