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Saturday, June 9, 2012

All in a day's work...

Gary started cutting hay on Wednesday.  He cut for two days in 12 different patches from Goodland to Morocco to Kentland to Remington, a 25- to 30-mile radius.  Then Nathan & Roy took our two hay rakes and started raking the hay into windrows.  Next we got out the round baler and the small square baler because some people needed one size and some needed another.  The round baler will make anything from a 3-ft to a 6-ft diameter bale, 4-ft wide.  He ended up baling 88 round bales and about 200 square bales.  These pictures are of the last of the hay they baled on Saturday afternoon.

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  1. You guys certainly cover a huge amount of acreage, but it looks like you have a smooth operation.