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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Day in the Snow

It was very hard to get a video while turned around backwards on my knees in the seat trying to hold on for dear life and hold my phone.  This video is the best I could do.  You should get a pretty good idea of what we did in the snow this afternoon.  Gary & a friend built this sled, but this is the first chance we've had to use it in two winters because we haven't had enough snow.  Today was her "maiden voyage."  
 Meagan and Leah are working on a snow woman.  Do you really think they'd build a snow"man" in a house full of girls?!
 Autumn, Leah, Kara, Nathan, & Meagan
 Autumn was in charge of her face.
 Leah helps Autumn set the head in place.
Almost finished
Finishing touches
Meet Francine!!
Laura, Leah, Nanna, & Heather taking their turn on the sled.
Gary pulls the sled with our Polaris Ranger.
I started a fire in the shelter house and kept it going all day.  We cooked hotdogs & s'mores out there for lunch.  It was a good place to come in and warm up without dripping all over the house.  I kept a pot of chili simmering in the house for supper.  That was a welcome meal after a day outside playing & working.  Before they played, they had to do the cattle chores and shovel out both sets of grandparents and our house.  Gary used the tractor and cleaned out our driveway, the grandparents' driveways, and the driveway down at the dairy farm where we keep the cattle.
The snow sprayed all over them as they rode.
Nanna loved it! She didn't want to get off.
Laura resembles the abominable snowman.
Now it's Meagan's turn.  (Laura, Meagan, & Heather)
Kara didn't want the snow being thrown in her face!!!  This is how she rode the sled.
Kara, Meagan, & Nanna
Nanna takes a turn in the backseat of the Ranger.
Laura & Heather
Grady came to play with Gammy in the shelter house and the house while Mommy & Daddy played outside.  We had a good time.   Next year we'll go out and play in the snow!


  1. You certainly know how to have fun in the snow! Plus, all the best food to serve on a snow day! Sounds like fun!

  2. Wow, you all sure do know how to turn in little snow into a LOT of fun. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! - Debbie Rauch