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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mark Trammell Quartet Homecoming

 We made our annual trip to Alabama the second weekend of August.  This was the view of the river at our campground.  It's a great place to stay!
 The girls spent several hours at the pool on Friday.  They are all about to jump in here.

 That's the office/laundry/shower house in the background.
 Good action shot!
 Our good friends, The Whisnants, were there on Friday night.  Greater Vision was the guest group on Saturday night.
 The Mark Trammell Quartet
We met Pat Barker and his family at the park on Saturday for lunch.  It poured down rain while we were eating our lunch, but the kids (and Pat) played on wet playground equipment when it let up.  This is Pat and Leah being silly.

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