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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Antique

Once upon a time in a land not so very far away....

When I was about 12 years old...34 years ago...my mom gave me this tablet.  As she taught me how to do laundry and cook and can, she had me write notes in this tablet.  The cover used to be yellow, but it's gone and so is the first page where I had my laundry instructions written.  What you see here is now the front cover.  I just recently put it in a ziploc bag to try to protect it and make it last a few more years.  She taught me to write down what I had canned each year so I would know if I should do more or less the next year.  I have a record of everything I've canned and frozen since 1988, the summer after we were married.  It's pretty neat to look back over the last 25 years.
This is what I've canned so far this year.  Before I start canning each year, I take an inventory of what I have left on the shelves so I can decide if I need a little or a lot.  I'm still canning and freezing this year, so I will erase the number and increase it as I add to my quantities.
I like to think that one of these days when I'm old(er) and gray that my girls and my grandchildren will look through this and get a kick out of it or maybe even glean some helpful information from it.  There aren't very many empty pages left.  Maybe I should make this "Volume I - The First 25 Years", and start a second tablet called "Volume II - The Next 25 Years."  


  1. Loved this post and the one from the previous day, Karen!
    About 15 years ago or so (when we lived in Brook), you taught me how to can....using that same little notebook! I still have the instructions you wrote out for me on how to can green beans. Love those memories. :)
    Thank you for all the beautiful photos and the inspiration too!

  2. Oh, Karen, I love your notebook!
    Would love to see it sometime. What a great idea.
    Wish I had done that over the years.
    This year, I have just canned and canned, and frozen things too. Didn't ever REALLY do an inventory, but it's so nice to know that stuff is waiting for this winter to be used by the family.
    Of course, I LOVE the salsa entry too - giving to your daughters. How sweet!