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Monday, November 4, 2013

Aftermath of the Fire

We spent two more days picking up corn in the field that was burnt.  We were just rolling good on our schoolwork one afternoon when Gary called and said, "I think we'd (I like the "we" part.) better pick up more corn this afternoon."  So we dropped everything, and found our shoes and jackets.  We rounded up some buckets and piled in the van.  Autumn had just come over with Grady, so she went along to help.
 Grady LOVES to be on the ground, playing in the dirt.  He was an angel baby all afternoon as he played with corn and stalks.  He doesn't walk yet, but he crawled all over 'investigating'.
 We filled the buckets and dumped them in the trailer...again and again and again and again.
 Grady even had a bucket.
 Ryan divided his time between riding with Aunt Meggy in the tractor and picking up corn.  He spent his time shelling the kernels off the cob and putting them in the bucket one at a time.
 Then he decided it was easier to ride in the load.
This is the end result of picking up corn for about 3 hours straight, two days in a row.  (Oh, my aching back!!)  The girls are feeding it to the cows right now, a few buckets each day.  They don't seem to mind the blackened shucks and smokey smell.  It will help the hay to last longer this winter, so I guess it's not a total waste.

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