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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to All!!

 The Christmas season began the day after Thanksgiving when we went to pick out our Christmas tree.
 We ended up with one of the biggest ones we've had for a while.  It measures 6 feet across at the base and 7 1/2 feet tall.
 We strung popcorn as we watched/listened to The Statler Brothers Christmas DVD.  The Statler Brothers DVD has become a tradition of ours for many years.
 Decorating the tree
 Nanna was the nut chopper this year for our annual Christmas baking.
 Laura was a big help this year with the coffee cake and the lemon bites.
 Leah wore her apron and chef's hat she got at the Lodge Cast Iron store a few years ago.  She arranged the lemon bites on the tray as Laura rolled them in powdered sugar.
 Murphy kept offering to be the taste-tester.
 Laura & Leah working intently on the lemon bites.  They were very good this year!
 Kara put the lemon bites on a cooling rack.  
 We celebrated Christmas with our kids and grandkids on the Saturday before Christmas.  This photo was taken after dinner when everyone was sitting around visiting or working on projects.
 Laura received a robot kit.  Nathan helped her make her own robot out of a pop can.  He's really cute as he wobbles all over the place.  Not Nathan...the robot.
Ryan and Grady took a bath after supper and put on their matching jammies from Gammy & Pop.  Ryan is 21 months old and Grady is 13 months old now.  They are best buddies.

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