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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Blizzard of '14

That's how it will come to be known, I'm sure….the blizzard of '14.  While we were snowed in last weekend, we were reminiscing about the blizzard of '78.  I'm sure our girls will reminisce about the blizzard of '14 when they're older.
 With wind chills -40 to -50 on Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon, the girls had to wear many layers and try to cover every bit of exposed skin when they went to feed the cattle.  The cold stung their eyes so that they watered.  Then their eyelashes froze to their faces.
 This is how deep the snow was in the driveway before Gary cleaned it out with the tractor.
 Panoramic picture of the front yard
 See the rainbow between the trees?
The mighty billows roll…..an ocean of snow

It's just unbelievable that we had that much snow and those dangerously cold temperatures just one week ago.  The roads in our county were closed to only emergency vehicles from Sunday at 11 a.m. until Tuesday evening.  Krissy was snowed in at work in Lafayette from Saturday through Tuesday.  Now most of the snow has been melted by rain, and today was 65 degrees warmer than a week ago.  Welcome to Indiana!!

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