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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun at the Lake

We enjoyed a weekend at Leach Lake in Michigan. Grandpa Cooper used to teach school up there before he was married. He stayed with the Schroder family while he was teaching. He has remained friends with their son, Bill, all these 50+ years. Grandpa and Grandma Cooper spend a weekend in August with Bill and his wife, Elaine, at their cottage on the lake every year. This year, we went up there with our camper and Gary's brother, Bill, and his family came up from Lexington, Kentucky, and rented a cabin on the lake. We decided to do this instead of having an open house for Grandma's 75th birthday. The kids played in the lake all day on Saturday, even through the rain.

The Brothers--Bill & Gary

Playing on the trampoline

Isn't this a flattering picture of Kara? Blackmail!!

Heather, Nanna, & Cousin Chelsea

Heather, Kara, Meagan, Gunner, and Nanna watch videos on the computer in the camper.

Karen & Meagan took a short cruise.

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