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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Busy Week

I can't believe it's been more than a week since I posted on here. It has flown by! You've probably all been wondering what's happened to us. There really hasn't been anything noteworthy enough to take pictures of to post on here...just a lot of busy-ness. I guess I don't need pictures to make a post though.

Besides freezing corn, we also canned green beans. We've had company a couple of times. My cousin's husband went home to Heaven, so that took up a couple of my days. I had a big project to do--decorating 96 favor boxes for our pastor and his wife's 25th wedding anniversary celebration taking place this afternoon.

I also had an eye appointment on Thursday. When I told the opthamologist that I was having trouble with blurry vision in the mornings, he had the nerve to tell me it was because I was 44! That wasn't nice of him! He double-dilated my eyes so that everything was blurry until bedtime. He concluded that the prescription isn't strong enough in the glasses I just got in March....thus the blurriness as my eyes try to adjust to putting on my glasses each morning. Now I have an appointment at the optometrist on Tuesday to get a new prescription in my glasses. I'm not sure how this is progress. I've always had to see an opthamologist, but he did everything for me. Now I have to see 2 different eye doctors and pay 2 different eye doctors. Somebody's making progress, but it's not me!

Last night was a fun break in the rat race of the past week. Krissy was able to trade with someone at work, so the whole family was able to go to a Southern Gospel concert in Bourbonnais, Illinois. It was a wonderful, uplifting evening of music and testimony with one of our favorite groups, The Whisnants, and two groups we'd never heard before, The Perrys and The Taylors. One thing I came away from there with last night was that God is giving us a story....through cancer, through trials and heartaches, through the loss of a baby....and we need to share that story. Share the story as an encouragement to others. Share the story to bring praise and honor to the Lord. Share the story that someone through us might receive Christ as their personal Saviour.

We have a couple of trips coming up in the near future, so maybe there will be some more interesting news than canning and doctor's appointments. We are all looking forward to a little time of relaxation. It's been a hard summer.

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