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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Earth Night at the Fair

Tonight was Earth Night at the Newton County Fair. We go every year. They have free snow cones and popcorn. They have several earth/conservation-related games with prizes for the kids. They always have a wildlife program. This year it was Birds of Prey. The girls enjoyed all of that and touring the animal barns. Of course, a visit to the fair isn't complete without a visit to the Commercial Building where they give away all the freebies. The girls each chose one ride to ride before we left for home.

Even at the county fair, there were reminders of Lainey. Twice tonight I saw the cutest little Down Syndrome girl with dark hair. I just wanted to go up and hug her. She probably wouldn't have minded.

The girls all got helium balloons in the Commercial Building. Some of them took their balloons outside and released them.....to send them to Lainey.

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  1. Every time I see a helium balloon, I think of Lainey also. :)