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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Harvest--Our Favorite Season

Excitement is running high around here!! Gary's going to start combining beans tomorrow. This is everyone's favorite time of the year at our house.....riding with Dad in the combine....riding with Meagan in the tractor.....riding with Bruce in the semi.....packing the picnic basket and cooler to eat meals in the field.....going to the elevator to get peanuts.....following a tractor after dark with our flashers going.....banging on the side of the wagon to get the last of the beans or corn to run out....the smell of freshly turned dirt. Farmers are just a breed of their own and farm kids are just different from other kids. We LOVE being a farm family. (The picture above was taken exactly a year ago, 10/6/2010. Meagan is running the grain cart while Gary dumps on-the-go. I'll post current pictures later....when I have some!)

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