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Friday, October 7, 2011

Karen's Kitchen

Twice baked potatoes


Reese's Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Gluten-free apple crisp (round) & Regular apple crisp (oblong)

I thought maybe some of you would like to see what a day in my kitchen brings forth. I have people ask me all the time about how I feed all of us. This is what came out of my kitchen yesterday afternoon.

I sent the 2 apple crisps to work with Autumn today. Her boss mentioned that they'd been in harvest two weeks already, and Autumn's mom hadn't sent any treats for them yet. I beat her to the punch because I already had these in the oven when I heard that.

The cookies are chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips in them. I only made a single batch because these dry out pretty fast. I usually don't bother making the mess unless I make a double batch of cookies. I kept some of these for snacks and packaged some in bags of 5 cookies each to send with Autumn (except she forgot them and Krissy had to take them for me). I have a little basket at the elevator where Autumn works that I sell baked goods from for $1. I've been adding that money to Lainey's piano fund.

The strombolis were our supper last night....easy to transport to various places since I didn't know where everyone would be at supper time last night. I made the potatoes for a dinner at church tonight.

It takes a lot to feed this crowd. I never start with anything less than 4 pounds of ground beef....whether it's sloppy joes, strombolis, or whatever. For most potato dishes, I start with 12-14 potatoes. It's normal to make a double batch (12 dozen) cookies every 2 or 3 days.

Last weekend, we had the drivers and their families over for a farewell party on Saturday and a carry-in dinner at church on Sunday. I made 2-8 lb. hams, a double batch of twice baked potatoes, a double batch of green bean casserole, a large bar pan (Pampered Chef) of pumpkin bars, a half sheet pan of brownies, 2-9x13 pans of apple pie bars, 6 eggs worth of homemade noodles with 3 lbs. of chicken......for starters. My friend told me I should open a restaurant. I told her I DO run a restaurant!!!!

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  1. All of that looks delicious, Karen.
    I am just now reading your blog and see that you are going out of the trucking business too...I am WAY behind on news, I guess! Lunch - breakfast - snack sometime?