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Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Wishes Wonderland

Since our Christmas is a little different this year with the older girls going different directions, we didn't have anything going on today.  To help fill the void and for a change of pace, we went to Kentland for the Winter Wishes Wonderland.  The whole evening was free.  There was a zip line, giant rocking horse, ice skating, Christmas ornament decorating, warming tent, fireworks...
 Laura, Nanna, Kara, & Heather with Donald & Daisy

This was the girls' first time to go ice skating.  They did very well!
 Laura is catching on.
 Erin & Leah
 Nanna is having fun!
 Meagan, Nanna, & Kara starting out
 Kara is a little timid
 Leah was a natural.  She was sailing around the rink.
Heather is a little more hesitant.

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  1. This all looks like a fun day! I think you have some skaters on your hands!