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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Cup of Tea

 Mistress Crider
 Mistress Hooker
 Mistress Taylorson
 Mistress Trippett
 Amanda, the servant
 Miss Farquar
In our unit studies that I was telling you about earlier, we have finished the Columbus unit and are working on the Jamestown unit now.  The two books we are reading aloud are Surviving Jamestown and A Lion to Guard Us.  In A Lion to Guard Us, we are reading about some children who live in London while their father is in Jamestown.  As part of the study, we have been learning about the sites of London, such as London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Thames River, and others.  We are also learning about traditions in Great Britain such as afternoon tea, so we had a tea party this afternoon.  Everyone went by a make-believe name.  We learned that it is proper to hold the cup in one hand and the saucer in the other, and it is not proper to hit the sides of the cup with your spoon when you are stirring.  We made mini cinnamon rolls as our crumpets.  We used pink lemonade and orange juice as our "tea".  School can be fun!!


  1. I want to be in your class too! Sounds like a splendid way to learn! :)

  2. I like Mistress Trippett. :)
    VERY neat idea for hands on learning - a lesson to be remembered well.