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Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas in Spencer

 Carli & Heather playing a game of darts
 Bridgette, Kara, Nanna, & Jenna eating icicles
 Gathered in the shed around the wood stove
 Nanna sledding down the smaller hill
 Meagan getting ready to go down the steep hill....with the big rock at the bottom!
 Laura contemplating her move
 Even my mom, who will be 66 at the end of this month, took one ride down the hill.  You're never too old to go sledding.
Kara and Leah

My mom and dad bought a house in Spencer, Indiana, this summer in the midst of a few acres of woods and hills.  While the weather was still nice, they scoped out the hills for the best spot to sled and cut a few saplings and cleared the area.  That was good planning on their part because a couple of days before we were all scheduled to go down there for Christmas, they got over a foot of snow.  Then the night that we got there, we got 4 or 5 more inches during the night.  It was perfect sledding weather...not too cold, not too windy, and LOTS of snow!!!  The kids played outside until after dark the first night.  Then they went sledding on Saturday afternoon and again Sunday afternoon.  There is a wood stove in the shed that was perfect to dry out wet gloves, coats, and boots.

We spent the weekend playing in the snow, sitting around the fire in the shed or the fireplace in the house, feeding the birds, and playing games.  All three of my sisters and their families were there.  Everyone had a wonderful time!  We sure hope there's snow again next year!!!

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