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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Day with the Mark Trammell Quartet

Mark Trammell tuning Leah's guitar
Dustin Sweatman goofing off with the girls

Pat Barker napping with his teddy

Joel Wood playing "Garbage" with Laura & Kara

On Sunday, the Mark Trammell Quartet ate dinner with us. We spent the afternoon relaxing and fellowshipping. They went to the evening service with us. Then we came back here for snacks before they headed for Plymouth where they were scheduled to sing on Monday. We loaded up and went to the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth on Monday to hear the Quartet sing. We met up with our dear friends, Robert, Rhoda, Buddy, & Becca Smith, missionaries to Barbados, at the festival. We had a nice visit with them at Pizza Hut after the MTQ concert. I think this is the first time in years we've actually done something besides labor on Labor Day!

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