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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Latest Project

I've spent this week cleaning up from the hurricane that struck here last week. I spent the whole week canning, so the house and laundry were sadly neglected. I converted all the half gallon, pint, and pint-and-a-half jars into quarts making a total of 86 quarts of salsa, green beans, tomato juice, & peaches we canned last week.

On Saturday, we cleaned up some trees that were in the pasture and made firewood out of them for our firepit. On Monday, we brought all the wood home from the pasture and stacked it into the old corn crib. Since it was such a nice evening and we'd been outside all day anyway, I decided to have supper outside.

While we were cooking our supper over the fire, the dogs were after something. It was a nest of baby bunnies. Erin rescued 4 of them. She has been feeding them goat's milk from a baby bottle with a preemie nipple and they are all doing well. Their eyes are just starting to open and their ears are just starting to stand up. They are wobbly and tiny. If that girl doesn't become an animal rehabilitator or a vet or something, I'll be surprised!! She's constantly nursing hurt or orphaned animals.

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