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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shades State Park

Our third annual photo in the same spot in The Shades

Skipping rocks in Sugar Creek
Erin, Heather, Laura, Kara, Leah, & Nanna

Autumn & Nathan

We seized the opportunity today to make a trip to Shades State Park. We haven't been able to get a day this summer when everyone could go. Once we figured out Friday night that everybody was going to be off work on Saturday, we quickly made plans and packed our picnic lunch. It was a beautiful, clear, 70 degree day. We had a great time hiking and playing in Sugar Creek. Autumn was concerned that Nanna wouldn't be able to make the last trail because it was "very rugged." Nanna started out at the back of the line. By the time we were almost to the end, she was at the front of the line. She just zipped right on past all of us, splashing through the water, climbing rocks, and skirting around fallen trees. We all had a great time, and I think we'll sleep well tonight.

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