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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Blanket for Lainey

After reading my post about a grave blanket, my mom and dad went out and made one. We went to the cemetery Tuesday afternoon and put it in place. There were quite a few tears. One of the little girls said, "We just wanted her here with us for Christmas."

I sat down a couple of weeks ago with the basket of cards we received before & after we lost Lainey. I read through every one of them again...all 118 of them...so many kind and loving words. I've packed them away in a box. Someday I'd like to send a reply to everyone, but I think that will come after bridal shower, baby shower, and wedding invitations are made and sent, after a wedding, and after a grandson has arrived.

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  1. What a beautiful stone. I love the blanket.