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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family! Christmas at our house is always exciting! We started on Friday with all of the girls home. Nathan was here too. (He always seems to be hanging around. I can't understand why...he must like my cooking.)

What would Christmas be without children? Gift-giving at our house is always fun. This year the gifts ranged from 2 pennies, a prized rock, a beloved stuffed animal, coasters made from bathroom tiles, and a hand-painted sign to carhartt coats, clothes, a cash register, Lincoln logs, and bean bag chairs. It was so cute to see the recipient open her gift of two pennies. I was the recipient of the prized rock and the hand-painted sign. Erin modge podged pictures on bathroom tiles & glued felt on the bottoms to make coasters for everyone. Very creative!

We had Christmas with my family on Saturday and will have Christmas with Gary's family on Tuesday. We had our traditional cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk before we left for church this morning. We had a very good crowd at church today. After having Stauffer's lasagna for dinner, we finished opening our presents.

My favorite part of Christmas is, first of all, watching the girls open their presents and then the period of time after they've opened their presents and everyone goes off to try out their gifts. This afternoon some of them went to the schoolroom to start their new paint-by-number projects, some started construction on a stable made of Lincoln logs, some went to the kitchen to try out their new apron and baking tools, and some of us sneaked a few minutes of rest.

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  1. The chairs are really cool looking! Great additional seating for your wonderful family.