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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Tree

We went to get our Christmas tree on Friday afternoon. We have gone to Miller's Tree Farm near Idaville for several years now to get our tree. Autumn had to work, but the rest of us piled in for our annual adventure. Autumn was waiting for us when we got home to help us decorate it. Nanna wanted this little tree pictured below. It was just her size.

But the rest of us were more inclined to get a taller tree. We ended up with a 7 1/2-foot Canaan fir this year. We usually alternate between a white pine and a fir each year.
Mom & Krissy put on the lights while Meagan popped corn to string.

We've strung popcorn two years in a row. The little ones seem to enjoy it and the birds enjoy it when we put the tree outside after Christmas.

For many years, we have watched the Statler Brothers' Christmas DVD while we decorate the tree. Last night, we watched it through twice. It's a fun tradition we all hold dear. I remember listening to Gene Autry's Christmas record every year when I was a kid. My girls have done the same...only in CD form. Gene Autry is a guest on the Statler Brothers Christmas show, so that makes it even more special. I think when all of the girls are all grown they'll associate Gene Autry, the Statler Brothers, and Bing Crosby with Christmas.


Now for some presents.....

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