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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The long-awaited pictures...

Doesn't she make a beautiful bride? Every little girl dreams of being a bride. How many little girls have dressed up with a sheet for a train & some tulle or something for a veil? Mine all have. Autumn felt like she was dressing up whenever she tried on her wedding gown, and she got that stary look in her eyes. Dreams do come true.
All ten of our beautiful daughters
(Nanna is holding a picture of Lainey.)

The Cooper family with their new son/brother-in-law

Nanna with Lainey's picture

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cooper, Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Stratton, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Stratton

The bride & groom with their flower girls

The wedding party

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Stratton

Is that the rose among the thorns


the thorn among the roses?

The groom with his brothers...

Shannon, Nathan, Justin

The Cake!

A chocolate lover's dream

The cake was piled with truffles made by Autumn, Nathan, Karen, Erin, & Heather


  1. Very lovely pictures. :) Autumn, you look so pretty! :)

    Thanks for posting the pictures!

  2. What a beautiful bride!! The cake looked like it was a delicious labor of love. Welcome to the family, Nathan!

  3. i wish i could of been there, beautiful pictures. autumn made a beautiful bride

  4. We really enjoyed the wedding pictures!! What a beautiful bride! The colors and decor were gorgeous...but we really drooled over that cake! WOW! God's richest blessings on the new couple!!

    The Sikmas

  5. Karen & Family,
    Beautiful wedding! Congratulations on the first of many to come to your family! What a joyous occasion!