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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sssshhhhhh....don't tell anyone I'm here!!

I have run out of steam. So many, many things going on these past few days!! I put on my nightgown & sat down on the couch. For a few brief moments, I was the only one in the living room. It was unusually quiet. I know they'll find me in a few minutes. Uh oh! Here they come!

Last week was a rough week with losing Gunner and Autumn's health issues. Autumn woke up two weeks ago today with a lot of pain in her shoulder. She didn't know if she had slept on it wrong or done something to it turning over in bed or what was wrong. After work that day, she went to the chiropractor & he adjusted it. By the next morning, she was complaining of pain in her chest & rib. She couldn't breathe deeply. She went back to the chiropractor after work again Friday night. He told her that her rib was out of place. He adjusted her, but she was very miserable all weekend. She went to the chiropractor again after work on Monday night. She suffered all week long. She went to the nurse practitioner at ROCC on Thursday afternoon. He sent her to Lafayette for an xray. It didn't show anything wrong. They told her it was just that the cartilage where her rib connects to her sternum was inflamed. She would just have to take Advil & wait for it to get better on its own. Friday morning, a little before 5 a.m., she woke me up gasping for breath. The pain was so great, she couldn't breathe. We went to the emergency room Friday morning. They ran more tests and told her the same thing. She suffered through the weekend again, not able to lay flat in her bed. She slept on the reclining couch, just barely tilted back for several nights. We went to a different chiropractor on Tuesday morning this week. He adjusted her & did therapy. He helped her a lot. She is slowly healing. Erin & Heather have taken turns all week going to work with her to handle all the corn samples & keep her from using her arms too much & putting a strain on her rib & sternum.

We are down to 7 days. Lots of last minute details to attend to. Some last minute changes in plans and adjustments to be made. It will all come together, and it will be a beautiful wedding. Autumn & Nathan are looking forward to 2 weeks of rest on their honeymoon. I think Mom & Dad need a vacation too!!

If I don't post again, we'll see you at the wedding next Friday night!!!

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