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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Food Failures

While we've been in the hospital, we haven't had very good luck with meals.  Before we headed down to the hospital on Wednesday, we ate a quick, light lunch at 11:00.  We spent so long waiting in ER that we still hadn't had anything to eat by 9:00 that night.  The nurse brought Krissy a box lunch that we split.  We each had 1/2 of a soggy turkey sandwich and 1/2 of a small bag of pretzels.  Krissy ate the applesauce.  By the time we got settled upstairs in her room, we were still starving.  The nurse brought us each our own box lunch about midnight.....so we got to eat a whole soggy turkey sandwich and a whole bag of pretzels.  

On Thursday, no one seemed to know what the plans were, so we were afraid to let Krissy eat in case they were going to do a procedure that would require her to be put under.  So we didn't eat any breakfast...just in case.  They finally decided that Krissy could eat, so we ordered lunch.  Krissy ordered a big, delicious cheese burger with all the trimmings, baked potato with butter and sour cream, and garden salad.  I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and french fries.  Krissy's meal was very good.  Mine, on the other hand, left a little to be desired.  The bottom piece of bread on the sandwich was all soggy and so were the fries.  Soggy fries with no salt are nasty!  For supper that night, I ordered Pizza Hut and Gary & Meagan stopped and picked that up for us.  That wasn't too bad.

On Friday morning, I called and ordered Krissy's breakfast.  I didn't want any breakfast because it was getting close enough to lunch time that I figured I'd just have a good lunch.  Krissy said I needed to eat something, so I ordered a blueberry muffin on her tray for myself.  Well, you can see how that turned out in the picture above.  When Krissy handed me that muffin off her tray, I just laughed and laughed and laughed.  It looked like a muffin top, not a muffin.  I was expecting one of those jumbo muffins.  Talk about disappointed! 

Well, I've got it covered for when I go back down to the hospital.  I've got Special K breakfast bars, Wheat Thins, Flipside pretzel/crackers, and some peanut M&Ms, among other things.  I won't starve this time!!

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