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Monday, September 17, 2012

Meet Murphy

 I think Murphy loves Leah.
 And Leah loves Murphy.
 Murphy shopping for his new collar at Tractor Supply.
 Murphy with the girls in Tractor Supply...kissing Leah again.
 Murphy's tired after his shopping trip.  Auntie Meagan carried him to the van.
 Murphy gets a bath.
Murphy is a 15-week-old blue Great Dane puppy.  He's the newest addition to our family.  I guess you could say we kind of bought him as a "therapy dog."  Leah has been having nightmares and "meltdowns" ever since Gunner was killed.  I keep thinking it will get better, but it hasn't.  She went out to Gunner's grave on Friday and sobbed her heart out. He was her closest friend and her companion, the one she shared secrets with, the one that comforted her when she was sad.  Leah lost her best friend, Gunner, on January 24th.  Then her big sister, Autumn, got married and moved out on February 10th.  Then her big sister, Krissy, went in the hospital on February 29th.  Krissy (and Mom) spent 10 days in the hospital.  When Krissy and Ryan were dismissed from the hospital, they came home to our house and took over Leah's bedroom.   That was a lot of changes and trauma for a little girl to deal with.  We are hoping this puppy will help heal her broken heart and fill the part of the void our Gunnerman left.


  1. It looks like Leah is finding a new best friend! Such a cute puppy, but oh my he is gonna be a big one! Looking forward seeing his "growing up" pictures.