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Friday, September 28, 2012

Update on Krissy

We saw the neurosurgeon this morning, and we really like him.  They are going to put a shunt in Krissy's brain next Wednesday.  They will have to shave a small patch of her beautiful hair and drill through her skull.  They will also have to make an incision in her abdomen to complete the drain down there.  Then the fluid will drain from around her brain into her abdominal cavity.  Until then, the fluid needs to be drained and kept down, so they are putting a temporary drain in her spine at this very minute.  This should make her more comfortable and keep the headaches away.  Then it's just a matter of sitting in the hospital, watching TV until surgery on Wednesday.  I know she'd appreciate a call or visit.  The direct number to her room is 317-338-0607.  She is in Room 5227 in St. Vincent's Hospital, Indianapolis.

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