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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Change in Plans!!!!

The neurologist came in this afternoon about 4:00.  He has been conferring with the neurosurgeon and other doctors.  They proposed we put tomorrow's surgery on hold.  They want to try capping off Krissy's drain (that the nurse has been draining every hour since Friday) and checking how much pressure builds up by tomorrow.  If it is still in a safe range, they would like to cap it again after checking the pressure and check it again Thursday.  They are going to put her on a large dose of a diuretic.  If the pressure isn't too high Thursday when they check it, they will take the drain out of her back and send her home.  They want her to go to her ophthalmologist on Friday for another visual field test.  Then come back to St. Vincent's on Monday to check her pressure again with another lumbar puncture.  They feel that since this came on so fast, it might go away just as fast.  They want to try this before drilling a hole through her skull and putting a shunt in her brain.  We were in favor of that.  Please pray that the fluid will not build back up.

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  1. Karen this really sounds like good news! Continuing prayers for Krissy health and the whole family's peace of mind!