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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dr. Mom

Krissy had an appointment with the neurologist yesterday afternoon in Indianapolis, 197.2 miles round trip.  He spent 5-10 minutes with her and said he wanted her to have another lumbar puncture to check the pressure.  They couldn't do it yesterday while we were down there because it was almost 5:00 their time.  Why didn't we schedule this before hand?  Soooo.....we got up at 4:30 this morning to be down there at 7:15 our time.  Of course, it was 2 hours later before they took her in to do the procedure.  We knew that.  Everything they did while she was in the hospital was at least 2 hours late.  Why did we get up at 4:30???  We could have slept 2 more hours!  Her pressure this morning was 26, quite a bit over 15-18 at the top of the safe range.  They drained 30 mL off and closed her with a pressure of 6.  She had to lie flat in observation for 2 hours.  Then they sent her home to stay on her back for 24 hours, except to use the restroom.  We don't know what the plan is next, other than she has an appointment next Monday at the neurologist.  If he wants another lumbar puncture, he'd better schedule it for the same day.

In the meantime, last Monday before I went back to the hospital to stay with Krissy after spending the weekend at home for Autumn's shower, I had to take Kara to Lafayette to the nurse practitioner to have a big sore looked at on her leg.  They took some tissue to culture, but didn't really know what it was.  They prescribed an ointment to put on 3 times a day.  That was a busy day....drive 45 minutes south on I65 to Lafayette...drive 45 minutes north on I65 to take Kara home...drive 1 1/2 hours south on I65 to the hospital.
Over this past weekend, Kara developed a rash on her face and trunk.  Was this associated with the sore on her leg that they didn't know what it was?  The rash was red and spreading last night, so I called and made an appointment at another doctor's office from the hospital this morning while I was waiting on Krissy.  Another crazy day.......get up at 4:30 a.m.....drive 11/2 hours south on I65 to hospital...wait 5 1/2 hours for Krissy's procedure...drive 1 1/2 hours north on I65...settle Krissy in at home...pick up Kara...drive 45 minutes south on I65 to doctor's office...they don't know what's wrong with her...drive 45 minutes north on I65 to home...take supper to the field.
So why did I call this post "Dr. Mom"?  My aunt told me a couple of weeks ago that once I get all my girls grown up, I'll have earned an honorary doctor's degree, and she was going to get me a cap & gown.
Krissy's headache started September 15.  We tried for 11 days to find out what was wrong with 3 trips to the ER, a trip to the doctor's office, and many phone calls to the doctor.  After the ophthalmologist finally diagnosed her, it was going to be another 8 days before they would begin to do anything.  We had to take it upon ourselves to get treatment...and it's a good thing we did!
It's the same way with Kara.  I've spent $238 to find out absolutely nothing.  I'm diagnosing her myself and treating her.
I've seen Heather through 19 days in the hospital; Krissy through a broken arm, tonsils, adenoids, & gallbladder removed, childbirth & a NICU stay & surgery for Ryan, besides the current illness; Autumn through stitches and soon-to-be childbirth; Meagan through knee surgery & gallbladder surgery.
I told Autumn today that I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.  She told me I couldn't; it wasn't allowed.  I told her that figured...I wasn't allowed to do anything for myself.
Well, just you all wait!  Just 31 days until my husband of 25 years and I leave on a cruise to Jamaica.  You'd better all be healthy when I leave and stay healthy while I'm gone.  No babies to be born until I get home.  I'm going on a real vacation.  No cooking.  No laundry.  No school.  No cleaning.  No dishes.  Something I've never done since I became a mom almost 23 years ago.

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  1. I am exhausted just reading this post! I don't know how you do this Karen!