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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grand Cayman

 On the island of Grand Cayman is a place they call Hell.  This is the post office at Hell so you can send a postcard from Hell.  If you walk down the sidewalk that leads behind the post office, this is what you will see...
 This is a bunch of eroded limestone.  That is all Hell consists of....an area of eroded limestone.  I didn't get what was so special about it that they commercialized it so much. I guess it seemed a little "sacrilegious" to me too.  Hell is no joking matter.
 The Cruisers
 I'm trying not to put too many scenery pictures on here, but this is one of my favorite ones from Grand Cayman.
 We went to a turtle farm while on Grand Cayman.  That was fun & interesting.  I wish the girls could have been there.  They would have loved to hold and pet the turtles.
This is our ship, the Carnival Freedom.  The little boat in front is a tender boat that ferried us to and from Grand Cayman because the ship couldn't get close enough to land.  At all the other ports, we were able to pull up close to the dock.

On both Key West and Grand Cayman, there were chickens running free all over the island.  On Grand Cayman, we learned to watch the roofs of the houses and other buildings for iguanas.  One church we drove past had 4 or 5 iguanas on its roof.  I guess you'd get used to that, but I thought it was a little creepy.  They can keep their iguanas.

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