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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Night

Autumn has started back to work one afternoon a week, so we get to watch Grady on Tuesdays.  We're trying to start a new tradition.  Since Krissy has Tuesdays off and Autumn is here to pick up Grady and Nathan is here all day working, we all try to gather around the supper table on Tuesday night.
 Since we'll be gone next week, I decided to try to have a Valentine's Day theme for supper tonight.  Autumn made brownies, and Erin cut out hearts with a cookie cutter.  Then she piped a little pink frosting around the edges to make them pretty.
 Murphy didn't want to be left out.  He wanted to see what was going on.  He climbed up on the chair beside Leah, even though he's much taller than the table already.
 I got the girls one of their favorite candies, Fun Dips.
 So they all went to work right away...turning their tongues bright blue!

The end result - A family to be proud of !!!  Many fun memories!

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  1. Love the family picture! I can see why you are so proud! :)