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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nassau, capital of the Bahamas

 We chose the Ardasta Gardens & Zoo and City Tour during our stay at Nassau.
 Here we are waiting for our tour to begin.
 Here is the bus we rode on to the zoo and for our tour of the city.
 We were able to feed the lorakeets slices of apple at the zoo.  Laura is enjoying herself.
 This peacock was strutting all over.  He was shaking his feathers so they kind of made a rattling, rustling sound.  They had several peacocks, including an albino.
 We watched a flamingo show.  Leah was chosen as one of the ones allowed to go out in the ring with them.  She is standing on one leg here doing her flamingo pose.
As the girls were walking past this military macaw, he called out, "Hello!"  They stopped to talk to him for a few minutes.  

We enjoyed our time at the zoo and the tour of the island.  The Bahamas is a beautiful place, and we hope to return there again someday.

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