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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Half Moon Cay

 Grandpa & Grandma Cooper
I'm sure it was the first time his legs had seen the sun in 82 years!
 Grandpa & Grandma Sanders
 Heather's artwork & everyone's sentiments!
 Meagan, Leah, & Kara started digging a hole to bury their sister in.  Nanna had been pestering everyone.  Mark Trammell's family was trying to get some family pictures in the water, and Nanna kept hanging around and getting in the way.  Meagan's sure she must have been in every one of their family pictures.  So they decided they'd slow her down a little and keep her out of everyone's way.
 They had her come put her feet in the hole, and they started filling it in.
 She sat there and let them fill the sand in around her legs, thinking what fun it was!
 Until Meagan told her to try to pull her feet out....then it wasn't so fun.  She couldn't move!!!
 We tried to be creative and take a picture of our shadows.
 We posed for a group shot, and Jonathon Taylor had to get in on the fun.
 We rode a tender boat to and from the island.  The water was very rough that day, so it was an exciting ride, to say the least!
 Erin found a star fish.  She managed to smuggle it home in one piece.
 The entrance was quite impressive.  Once inside the gate, there were little shops, a post office, and a place to get a drink.  Down at the other end of the island was a large mess hall where we had lunch...hamburgers, hotdogs, all kinds of fresh fruit, and dessert.  So nice!!
 Grandpa & Grandma Sanders on the beach
 This was some of the little shops inside the gate.
Grandpa & Grandma Cooper with our ship in the background

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  1. Love the beach shots especially the family shadow shot! Looks like a beautiful day and trip!