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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Big Weekend

The 62nd annual Cooper family reunion began Friday night with about 40 people here for pizza.  Family members came from New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and all across the country.  The heat was unbearable.  They usually play softball following lunch on Saturday, but when the weather man said "it feels like 123 degrees", we decided to cancel the game.  Around supper time, the cold front moved through so the game was "un-cancelled."  After hotdogs & hamburgers on the grill for 90 people, a large portion of the crowd went to the pasture to play their annual softball game.  It ended at dark when they could no longer see the ball with the score tied 18-18.
 Laura playing softball.
 After dark, we all enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display.  Following the fireworks, we had cake and ice cream.  Then the fun continued with square dancing.  The pictures aren't very good with the glare from the lights, but I think you can see what a good time they were having.

 This is Nanna after a long, hot day on Saturday.  Her hair was soaked several times that day with sweat, so it was all curly.  I found her sitting on my bedroom floor when I was trying to round the girls up for baths at midnight.  When I asked her what she was doing, she just told me she was tired.  I rushed her through the bathtub, and she headed to bed without protest.
On Sunday morning, we had about 40 people in our annual church service.  We had Promise Trio there to sing and present the Gospel.  We all enjoyed that before our traditional Sunday dinner of smoked pork chops.  The crowd always breaks up shortly after dinner on Sunday to head for home.  Today was spent putting away tables and chairs, emptying the coolers, and cleaning.

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