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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Two weeks ago, I posted a picture of Meagan's twin calves, Ebony and Echo.  At the time, we were afraid Echo wasn't going to live.  She was so weak, she couldn't even suck a bottle.  For the first couple of days, Meagan had to tube her (stick a tube down her throat and put the milk straight in her stomach). Then Echo got to where she could drink a pint or so from the bottle.  Meagan was feeding her every 8 hours.  She went through a brief period of bloating, so Meagan massaged her stomach and helped her walk around because she was too weak to stand and walk herself.  We think Echo had an infection in her eyes, and she was blind for the first two weeks.  She is beginning to see a little now.  Meagan has spent many hours nursing Echo back to health.  Echo has made great progress, but she isn't out of the woods yet.  Meagan is feeding her twice a day now.  She is even gets a little spunky after she's had her bottle.  Ebony is with her mom, Edna, and is doing very well.

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  1. Megan is AWESOME! Hope Echo and Ebony will both be together soon! Thanks for sharing the latest cow news!