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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Exhausted, but well worth it!

We started out early this morning because of the heat.  Erin, Heather, and Laura went with Grandma & Grandpa Sanders to pick blueberries.  Don't they look delicious?  Erin washed and sorted them all after they got home at about 11:00.  

Meagan & I went over to check on the twin calves born yesterday.  One of them is weak and not doing well.  We ended up loading her in Meagan's truck & taking her to the vet.  She's still pretty "if-y".  The other twin has been sucking well and is doing just fine.  Their names are Ebony & Echo.  They had to start with "E" because their mom's name is Edna.  They're both as black as coal...thus "Ebony".  And since the one is a repeat of the other...."Echo".

Meagan & I also trimmed Grandma & Grandpa Cooper's yard and our own today.  Grandma Cooper & I picked the green beans, and she made green beans, potatoes, & smoked sausage for all of us for supper.  We also had strawberries, bananas, and fresh blueberries.

Krissy cleaned the laundry room and back porch.  I sorted and straightened the pantry.

It's just been one of those non-stop, busy days, but we sure did get a lot accomplished.  We're just about ready for the crowd of Coopers that will invade our house this weekend.

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