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Friday, July 27, 2012

From truck driver to bus driver...

I know this is a terrible picture, but it was dark and the bus behind had its headlights on and my phone battery was so dead it wouldn't use the flash, but you can get a little idea of what Gary's driving.  Gary got a call Sunday afternoon from Mark Trammell of the Mark Trammell Quartet.  He asked Gary if he could drive their bus until at least the second weekend of August.  We had 2 days to get Gary ready for his trip.  I felt like I was getting a kid ready for camp when I went to Walmart...sheets, new towel, lint roller, etc., etc.  Gary flew to Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday evening where he met the bus.  He drove the guys back to our house, arriving about 9 a.m. Thursday morning.  We all had lunch together. Then Gary, the quartet, and a hitchhiker (Meagan) headed for Bourbonnais, Illinois, where the guys were singing that night.  After the concert, they headed south.  They have concerts in Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia the next three days.  This has been a long-time dream of Gary's, so he acted like the kid I felt like I was sending to camp.  :-)  Haha!!  I hope he has a wonderful time 'cause I'm sure gonna miss him!!  We've never been apart this long in our 25 years of marriage.  We repeatedly warned the guys that he's never ironed his own clothes, washed his own clothes, or matched his own clothes!  I told them to make sure he didn't have creases in the knees of his dress pants from the hanger.  One last minute thought was to warn Pat to be sure Gary didn't go out in public with his hair sticking up like Alfalfa.  My husband just doesn't realize how much he needs me.  :-)

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  1. How marvelous for Gary, but will make a long few weeks for you and the girls!