york swirls

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I tend to talk myself out of posting or tell myself I need to cut it short and not include so many details on our blog.  I figure I will bore people silly or that people will think I'm crazy if I post something that pops into my head.  It struck me this afternoon as I was looking at someone's blog that I hadn't checked for quite a while that maybe that isn't the case.  I look forward to checking our friends' blogs, and even some people's blogs that I've never met before.  I enjoy reading their posts, no matter what they're about.  I always find them interesting.  Maybe people feel the same way about our blog...maybe.  It's not often that people leave comments, so it's hard to judge.  I can't complain about that too much though because I never leave comments on the blogs I check daily.  At any rate, I'm going to try to post a little more whether you like it or not!  :-)


  1. Keep posting!!! Love hearing about my friend's life, no matter what.

  2. Keep posting! I enjoy reading your posts and I just think your large family is neat! I come from a pretty small family :)

  3. I check your blog everyday to see if there is anything new posted. I love hearing about all parts of your life. Although I am a city girl, but I had dated a farmer for almost five years when I was a young woman so your life reminds me of the life I THOUGHT I was going to have. Post often, friend! I look forward to reading!

  4. I love the posts... keeps us updated. :) Don't know if you know, but our family has a blog as well. http://theweaversperfectseven.blogspot.com/