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Thursday, May 31, 2012

This is vacation?!?!?!

We finished school on Monday & went straight into overdrive.  On Tuesday, Meagan & I took the 6 youngest girls shopping.  We did the usual grocery shopping at Sam's Club & Walmart, along with Dress Barn, Hobby Lobby, Bennett's Nursery, Goodwill, & Catos.  We shopped until Mom dropped!!

On Wednesday, we worked in the yard all day.  The above picture is of the spot where we are putting Lainey's Garden.  The three trees were gifts for Lainey...a weeping cherry, a crabapple, and a magnolia...that we planted last summer.  I spent most of the day digging the irises that are in that long, light-colored strip on the left of the picture.  Meagan planted 4 new plants in Lainey's Garden that we bought the day before.  Then we planted a flat of petunias in pots on the deck & front porch.  I was so tired & so burnt by the end of the day!!

Today, Meagan & I started on the attic!  What a job!!!!  We sorted out 19 garbage bags full of trash and several garbage bags for our church's yardmart next week.  Where does all the stuff come from?  The house looks like a disaster right now with all the piles everywhere, but once we're done it will be so nice.
Erin & Heather have been on kitchen duty the past two days since I've been so busy.  They've made supper two nights in a row.  That has been such a big help!!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the garden as it blooms. It is such a lovely tribute to Lainey.

    Your days would EXHAUST me for sure! Good for you that you can keep going!