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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shop til you drop!

We did double school work yesterday so we could take today off and go to the outlet mall in Tuscola, Illinois.  We all had a great time & found quite a few great bargains.  Most of the girls bought flipflops at Old Navy, among many other purchases.  It never ceases to amaze me what people's reactions are to our girls.  When we checked out at Christopher & Banks, one of the two ladies behind the counter asked if those 4 girls were all mine. Ha!!!  Yes, they are, but that's not all of them.  I have 9.  Both of the ladies just stood there and looked at me.  Didn't say a word or blink an eye.  It was just slightly uncomfortable!  Then they just started going on and on about how they could never do it and how wonderful it was...  Then while we were eating our supper, a couple came in about 15 minutes before we were finished.  The woman sat there and stared at us the whole time!  Not subtly...just plain staring....like we were the freak show at the circus!  I should have bought that plaque I saw in Shipshewana a month ago......"Now remember, as far as everyone knows, we're a nice, normal family."


  1. I know what I'm going to hear about next time I'm over there now! I like the pic with all their flipflops. :)

  2. People can't resist to stare at greatness. :)