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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Sunday at Hillcrest Baptist Church

We attended Hillcrest again this Sunday and heard a wonderful message by Pastor Reaves.  He preached from Romans Chapter 1 where Paul was warning the Romans about their sin and that God was going to give up on them.  He started off by playing Paul Harvey's "If I Were the Devil."  As we listened to Paul Harvey naming all the things he would do to ruin America if he were the devil, I wondered what year he recorded that.  After all, Mr. Harvey has been dead a long time.  When Pastor Reaves got up to preach, he told us that recording was from 1965.  Wow!  You should search for it on Youtube.  Very sobering, as was Pastor Reaves' message.  Christians need to stand up for what is right and holy!!!

I should have taken a picture of the church for everyone, but I didn't think about it this morning.  Hillcrest is well-named because it is on the top of a hill  If you park in the lower parking lot, they have extended golf carts (that seat about 8 people) that pick people up and deliver them to the front door of the church.  The girls think that is the coolest thing!!  They always hope to be the one that gets to sit in the back seat that faces backwards!!  It's the most exciting because you feel like you're slipping off the seat on the ride up the steep hill.

Following the morning service, we went to Pizza Hut and had the buffet lunch.  We went with LaResa and Jessica Trammell and Baby Tessa.  Nanna seemed to have the same affect on her that she has on Ryan....smiles and giggles.  She must be pretty funny looking!  We enjoyed visiting with the Trammell ladies and getting to know them better.

Baby Tessa Trammell smiling at Nanna

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