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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Stone

They set Lainey's stone this week.  I'm not there to see it, but Krissy texted me pictures of it.  They are supposed to fasten a vase to that little thing that looks like a bolt sticking up beside the heart.  

The pain is still very great and very real.  I cried last night when I saw the pictures until my eyes were red and burning.  There is still a big, empty spot in our family.  Our friends, Pat & Kesha Barker, had a little girl just 5 days after Lainey was born.  We are spending time with them this week, and I watch Emma toddling around with uncertain steps.  I see her short ponytail sticking up from the top of her head.  I look at her chubby little face, and it hurts.  I wish I had my chubby Lainey to cuddle in my arms.  We miss you, Lainey.

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  1. Beautiful - that's the only word that describes this stone. I wish for you that it didn't have to be there, but it is perfect.