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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Visited Lainey Today

We got back from Alabama last night at 11:00.  I had Krissy pick up some flowers today when she got groceries for me.  Then we all went out to the cemetery to see Lainey's stone.  We bought a solar butterfly a while ago to put there once they had the stone set.  It's so pretty.  It glows red, then green, then blue, then purple.

We took two vehicles to the cemetery because Gary was going from there to get the combine from where it's been stored in Watseka and bring it home.  I pulled in the cemetery first.  Then Gary pulled in behind me.  Then a KR Drenth semi pulled off the highway and parked in the grass with his flashers on.  I looked over there and saw it was Mike Loving, one of our best drivers.  He "just happened" to decide to take Highway 16 to US 41 to go home tonight...a route he hadn't taken for a long time.  And we just happened to pull out on 16 in front of him and then pull into the cemetery.  He knew that "big purple bus", and pulled over right behind us.  He walked up to us and gave me a hug, and I just started crying.  The poor guy!!  He probably thought, "What am I gonna do now?"  He just patted me & let me cry.  Then I explained to him that they'd set Lainey's stone while we were gone, and this was the first time we'd seen it.  Mike called it fate, but I know it was God's timing.

It got me to thinking how God brings people into our lives and how He uses circumstances, our location, or our job to shape us and mold us.  We were at a point 13 or 14 years ago that we could only afford beans and rice.  Gary filled in for our friend, Steve DeVries, so he could take vacation.  He drove Steve's semi hauling garbage from Gary to Michigan City.  That led to Gary driving most of the summer filling in for various guys up there.  That, in turn, led to Gary buying his first semi until we had 13 semis.  During the 10 years that Cooper Trucking was in operation, we made many friends and had many opportunities to minister to people.  We grew a lot in many ways during those years.

As we look back over those years, we can see how our business opened many opportunities for us.  We tried to use every opportunity possible to share the Gospel with our employees and colleagues.  We had a special speaker at our Christmas parties that presented a challenge and the Gospel to our guests.  When Gary had to let one of the drivers go after an accident he had and our insurance wouldn't keep him, he was able to lead that man to Christ.

One opportunity God gave us as a result of the trucking company was to be able to be a blessing to Southern  Gospel singing groups.  We now have the contacts for diesel fuel & tires at a good price.  We have the parts and equipment to makes repairs.  We have the contacts for repairs to diesel engines. For example, tomorrow The Taylors will be here.  Gary has an appointment with our good friend and mechanic, Brad, to have their bus tuned up.  They also have a brake issue that Gary will look at.

It kind of gives me "the willies"to look back over the last decade and see where got brought us from and where we are today.  Thank you, Lord, for using us to be a blessing to others. 

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  1. one word: Wow!
    You and your family NEVER cease to amaze me. Thanks for your inspiration.