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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Girls' Day Out

 Leah, Kara, & Laura modeling their fur vests.
 Kara, Laura, Leah, & Erin being goofy.
Nanna...rings on her fingers and bells on her toes....

Can you tell we had a good time today?  We went down to Oxford to try out some new "Southern" stores.  It was our first time in Martin's and Ross's.  We also visited Lane Bryant, Dress Barn, & Catos. We found some unbelievable bargains today!!!  I bought 5 pieces of clothing at Catos for $34; 6 pieces of clothing at Ross's for $46; and 5 things at Lane Bryant for $45 (2 of which were skirts that were originally $55 and $50!!).  Now those are some real bargains!!  Of course, Gary's favorite line is "I can't afford to save anymore money!"  But he's not here!!!  Hehehe!!

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