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Monday, August 6, 2012

Enjoying the new pool

 Ryan, the sunbather, in his swim trunks & shades

We got a pool when they started marking them down for the end of the season.  The girls have been just dying to get it up.  Their favorite brother-in-law, Nathan, put it up for them and made two trips to town for water to fill it.  They spent two afternoons in it before we left for Alabama and got good sunburns.  Now we're down here in Alabama, and where are they?  In the pool at the campground!  They are having a wonderful time!!

Meagan drove the pickup with the camper, and I followed with the van. We split our trip up into two days, stopping in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, the first night.  We drove from there to Gadsden, Alabama, on the second day.  We met Gary at the campground that afternoon, and he helped us set up.  We were all so glad to see him after 12 days.  We went out for supper and spent the evening together.  He slept in the camper with us and spent the day with us today.  He leaves at 10:00 tonight for West Virginia.  We will have to do without him until he gets back Wednesday morning.  (Guess we'll just have to go shopping at the mall across the road while he's gone.  Such a sacrifice!)  Then we plan to enjoy him for a few days and have a little vacation fun.

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  1. Ryan looks like a cool dude! Congratulations on the new pool!