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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sequoyah Caverns

 Edward, the resident peacock at Sequoyah Caverns
 The girls feeding Edward Cheezits

 The friendly goat & donkey
 Nanna beckoning me to "Come on, Mom!"
 Great science lesson today!!!  Stalactites, stalagmites, cave popcorn, cave bacon, columns, rip pools...
 Can you pick out the center of this picture?  This is a pool reflecting the ceiling.  Awesome!!!
Our guide took our picture before we left the cavern.  Our eyes look a little goofy in the lighting.  It was a great tour, lasting about an hour.  Very interesting and educational.  Our guide was a girl about 20 years old.  She was very knowledgeable.  She had more than one occasion where she could have said "millions of years ago", but she always said "hundreds."  At one point, she was answering one of the girl's questions about how the fossils got in the ceiling of the cave.  She explained that they were fossils of animals that live above ground and a large amount of water had buried them quickly and washed them down there.  I asked the girls if they knew what that "large amount of water" was.  When they said "the flood", she said, "Yes, the Genesis flood or some call it Noah's flood."  It was so refreshing to have a tour guide give the credit to God for what we were seeing, instead of evolution.

We had a fun time at the caverns today.  When we got back to the campground, the girls went swimming while Gary & I went grocery shopping.  After they had worked up quite an appetite, they came back to the camper for tacos.  I browned several packages of hamburger before we left home and put them in the freezer in the camper.  That has been so handy for a quick supper.

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  1. Erin is getting so tall! Has she passed Meagan or is there an incline? A beautiful group of very smart young ladies!